As the end of Winter makes its way out and Spring is well within reach, we're impatiently counting the days until we're able to get out of our houses and escape with our kiddos to the beaches, splash pads, water parks, and pools. It's almost time to bring out our favorite sunglasses, light dresses, and put on a brand new swimsuit.

To make sure your kiddos are all ready for vacays and Summer fun we've put together this inspiring shopping list of new swimwear as well as some of our favorite swim accessories.


Trend #1: the flared swimsuit!

We have several options with "flare" this summer. From the one shoulder butterfly bikini to our on/off shoulder pom pom one-piece you will absolutely be head over heels with this trend!


Trend #2: NEON!!

While neon isn't a new thing it still gets us all nostalgic, and the bright colors are perfect for those summer days to get out of the drab of winter! This season we're seeing the neons paired with the flare trend that we are obsessed with, making for a love sandwich (yes we just said love sandwich!)


Trend #3: Floral Lace

This trend brings out the sweet side of our inner child. Beautiful floral lace patterns in soft summer pastel colors add the perfect touch to Summer swimwear.


Trend #4: FUN GOGGLES!

Gone are the days of boring swim goggles!! Bling2O has come out with an amazing line of super cute styles (including our favorite Do Nuts 4 U) to take your swimwear to a whole new level. And the best part?? They aren't just cute! They are super functional too, keeping your kids comfortable and playing longer!


Finally what would summer be without some amazing Milk & Soda accessories to top it all off!! And we've got just what your kiddos need to stay safe from the summer sun!


To shop all the above items including our trending swimwear CLICK HERE and as always Happy Shopping!!





Summer Fashion at Kola Pop

August 03, 2017

Hi All!!

This Summer Season has seen the rise of a few new brands to Kola Pop and of course all of the goodies that you have come to expect from us! Our 4 newest brands including Hugo Loves Tiki, Under The Evergreen, Plum Tutus and Stella Cove Swimwear have been a big hit with our customers.

Under The Evergreen's fun take on her Candy necklaces had our customers in love and the entire collection was sold out within a few days.  From Gummy Bears, to Jelly Beans and Unicorns with Sprinkle accents......all giving us that nostalgic feel from our childhoods (and no they're not edible haha). We were happy to be a part of this amazing collection and loved seeing the fast growth of her business. While we have sold out of the majority of these necklaces we have been getting a lot of requests for the unicorns so there may be a possible restock coming.

Hugo Loves Tiki blew us away this Summer with their fun prints and Spring colors. Prints like Rad, Gummy Bears, and Unicorn were among our top sellers and we have loved seeing all of our adorable customers in their outfits.  While we have sold through a lot of our stock we still have several pieces available including this super cool Pink Stripe Sweater. The sweatshirt material makes it a perfect piece for the transition between Summer and Fall/back to School!

Plum Tutus are also new to the scene this summer. We decided to bring them on as a more casual and cost effective option for all you tutu lovers!  Something your little ones can run and play in day in and day out. Great for dress up and can still be dolled up for a birthday party or a special event. Our older sizes have been more popular and we plan on stocking accordingly when the new fall line comes in. The new fall line will include more jewel tones along with the traditional holiday colors.

Last but not least Stella Cove Swimwear joined our Brands this Summer and we are totally in love with their Swimwear. Their pom pom pieces made a big splash and are selling through fairly quickly. We have recently added their butterfly collection and will continue to add more options throughout the Winter months to make sure you are covered for all your winter vacations!We also plan on adding some adorable new goggles from Bling2O in the very near future. Their playful and unique styles fit right in with our brands and we are excited to bring them to you shortly.

As of now, this fall will not be bringing any new brands to the table but we have some fantastic things on the way beginning with Tutu Du Monde newest collection "The Secret Garden" and quick to follow with some amazing fall accessories from Modern Queen Kids. This is by far one of my favorite lines from Tutu Du Monde and they are really going for the WOW factor this season. Our favorite incoming piece is the Waterfall Tutu Dress. Reminiscent of the long tiered dresses from the Bespoke collection this is the first opportunity to give our customers a full length tiered dress. Add to that a sequined bodice and tulle in a rainbow of colors......well, lets just say we're in love! Their new collection is launching August 4th and is sure to be a hit with our customers.

We are so excited for the fall season and we can't wait to show off what we've got coming! We are truly blessed to be able to do what we love (bringing the best of fashion to all of you) and we love being a part of you and your little ones lives. As always feel free to communicate with us regarding what you would like to see from us...because after all if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be in business!!

Thank you for all your continued love and support!


Our first year is in the books!

September 28, 2016

Our first year in business is now in the books and wow, what a great year it has been. We have expanded from our initial 2 brands (Tutu Du Monde and Modern Queen Kids) to over 10, and we are adding more all the time! We have also begun to curate a styling closet, now including over 40 dresses and 10 accessories, that our photography customers are really beginning to love!

When we began this journey we weren't sure where it would take us but we knew that we were passionate about amazing children's clothing! The recognition we have received in our first year by our customers and the brands we work with has been very humbling and we are extremely appreciative that so many people choose to purchase their spectacular pieces from us.

The future is bright for Kola Pop and in the next year we look forward to expanding our current brands to include footwear and more everyday clothing, on top of our spectacular special occasion wear.

Being a part of this industry means that I am constantly surrounded by so many amazing designers. The inspiration that I get on a daily basis is endless and that inspiration has begun to push my desires further. I am excited to announce that we have recently started the design process and are looking to have some of our own amazing fashion-forward pieces beginning in Spring/Summer 2017. To follow along on our new journey check us out on Instagram @thegildedmini. 

We are honestly so grateful to be able to do what we are doing and to be able to have met and worked with all of our amazing customers and vendors.  We hope that in the following years we are able to continue to build the strong bonds we have made with many of you and to continue provide you with the best children's fashion available. Here's to year number 2!!!

Love you all,


Self Confidence, Loving Yourself & True Beauty

In honor of the month of February and "Love Day", as my daughter calls it, I wanted to talk about loving yourself and give you a little bit more of a personal look into me and my life. Over the past few years I have seen my self confidence and love for myself blossom in ways I never could have thought possible. That wasn't always the case for me though, and I want to share my story in hopes that it may help others.

This journey to love myself has been a very personal one for me. As a child I grew up with a very low self esteem. I was often ostracized and made fun of because of my looks, and I spent many nights crying myself to sleep.  I couldn't understand why I wasn't loved by others and in turn it made me not love myself.  I have many regrets remembering the way I treated others as a young child because of the way I felt about myself.  

Around 7th grade it got so bad that my Mother started a "Self Esteem Bootcamp" (at least that's what I call it).  I still remember the awkwardness as she made me sit in front of the mirror. I would tell her the hurtful things that people said to me that day and the hurtful ways I was treated. After I was finished with my story she would make me look "that girl" in the eyes and list 5 reasons why I was amazing and worthy.  At first it was difficult because to be honest I didn't think I was amazing and worthy. She would ask me "What is your favorite feature?" and "What did you do today that you are proud of?" and "What is one of your best attributes?"  In the beginning there was much more prompting but the more we did it the easier it got and my self confidence began to grow.

The summer before 8th grade my parents came to me and told me we were moving out of state. At first I was devastated!  I quickly realized that this was my chance to START OVER!  Nobody knew me there. I could be anyone I wanted to be!  I took my new fragile self-confidence and began again at my new school.

With my growing self confidence I began to find things I loved (and was really good at). I found friends that enjoyed and loved me the same way I enjoyed and loved them, and I started feeling worthy again. Tears are streaming down my face as I write and remember this. The pain of what used to be, and the relief of knowing that I am no longer that person. 

If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would ever see myself as a successful business owner, having the confidence to stand behind my passions and fight for my dreams I would have said no way! But today my fears are gone and with each day I move forward my confidence continues to grow.

How does this story relate to beauty and kids fashion you ask?  I truly believe that loving yourself is the foundation to true beauty.  When I started this journey I knew my daughter would be the best dressed girl in school, but I didn't want her thinking that having the best clothing/accessories is what makes you beautiful or worthy. My message to her was simple.  It isn't your clothing or the way you look that makes you beautiful.  It is your smile, the way you treat other people, and the way you love yourself!  It is believing in your dreams, striving for your best, and learning all the ways you are amazing!

While I obviously love children's fashion (a lot!!), my advice to all parents is that the most important part of "True Beauty" begins with building the self-esteem of your child!  Help them learn to love themselves regardless of what the world thinks about them. If we can all focus on that kind of growth in our children, this will be an amazing world!!

Much Love,


Thank you for visiting our brand new site!!  It has been an intensive labor of love putting together the launch of Kola Pop.  One of the biggest struggles we have had, is that we didn't realize how far in advance these amazing collections have to be ordered!  This has kept us from being able to launch with as many vendors as we would like.  Even though this may seem like a little bit of a set back, we are not easily discouraged!!!!  We are extremely excited about the brands we have already brought on, and are continuing to bring in new amazing brands on a regular basis.  While we wish that we could speed up the process astronomically, we are not willing to sacrifice our high standards just for the sake of "having stock". Our customers only deserve the BEST!  The best look, the best quality, and the best style!  We are working diligently to get those perfect brands on board, so that we can introduce them to you.  For us, it just means that the collections will come in more slowly in the beginning. We hope to grow very quickly, however, and we promise that if you stick around for the ride you will LOVE what we have to show you.